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I have had the pleasure of working with Taylor since February of 2021. When I came to her I was almost 200 pounds, had a hard time getting around, cried almost daily with how unhappy I was with my body/situation, and had zero clue where to start. Over two years later, I have lost the excess weight (at my lowest I was weighing in the high 130’s), transitioned to a muscle gain phase, I smile when I look in the mirror, I have an easier time getting around, I have become a naturally athletic person, and am stronger than I ever thought I would be (with strength only continually going up)! Working with her has not only helped me with my physical goals, but has had an immense effect on my mental health as she focuses on the whole body approach. My confidence is higher, I feel good about myself, and through working with her I now can truly say I love myself. Her guidance with my specialized protocols (including nutrition) tailored to my needs, answering all my questions, providing live workouts to teach me about fitness and correct my form, and her ability to create a safe place where I can be vulnerable with what I am struggling with, are all reasons that hiring Taylor has been a life-changing decision and couldn’t picture myself working with any other personal trainer.

Elena, Online Personal Training Client


"Getting myself a personal trainer was a huge goal of mine for 2021. I started working with Taylor in January of this year and we have accomplished so much together in just these first short 8 weeks. Not only am I down 9.5lbs, but I have also overcame an eating disorder that I have struggled with for as long as I can remember. Even if I hadn’t lost as much as I have so far, I couldn’t thank her enough for helping me change my relationship with food. It has been a process and she has been so patient and helpful throughout all of it. I have been more motivated than I ever have been to lose weight and stick with it. I would highly recommend Taylor as a personal trainer to anyone that wants one. She does an amazing job at individualizing your workouts based on what you have access to and what your personal goals are. She’s passionate about what she does and she strives to help you reach the best version of yourself."

Ariah, Online Personal Training Client

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